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tiffany's party at laszlo
holiday party
21 December 2002
San Francisco, CA
mik and alicia leave for seattle and hold the final cool down
cool down
Voodoo Lounge
San Francisco, CA
Mark Pauline's birthday
14 December 2002
San Francisco, CA
Shoot glass christmas balls off of the tree and remote-controlled truck. BYOsafety glasses
13 December 2002
Oakland, CA
gauss + spook last night in SF
#rotten + srl dinner
09 December 2002
San Francisco, CA
pre-goodvibes 25th anniv. party
05 December 2002
Club NV, San Francisco CA
dorkbot-sf 4
04 December 2002
Abstrakt-Zone, Emeryville, CA
rotten road trip to LA with no turn signals/brake lights!
Mark Pesce's Big Birthday
30 November 2002
Thanksgiving 2002
28 November 2002
Emeryville, CA
Halloween 2002
31 October 2002
San Francisco: Bryson's then Phil's @ the Castro
Dinner with Stelarc, Mark Pauline, Amy C, Will from Blasthaus, Greg from Trancinema, ninja tune dj mr scruff, unicorn, and friends!
Shalimar dinner
23 October 2002
San Francisco CA
Burning Man Decompression 2002
20 October 2002
Club Cocomo
San Francisco, CA
Jon + Jim's bday party
Pumpkin + Forging Birthday party
18 October 2002
Jim's shop Oakland, CA
Drama in the Desert - Holly's book launch party
Holly's book launch party
12 October 2002
Studio Z
San Francisco
Spot's housewarming, birthdays, at Liberty Lounge
Spot's Party
12 October 2002
San Francisco
Beach Birthday
4 October 2002
Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Folsom St Fair 2002
San Francisco CA
29 September 2002
Women of SRL Party & Violet's Birthday
21 September 2002
SRL Yard
San Francisco, CA
dorkbotSF 3rd meeting
11 September 2002
Emeryville, CA
Not wanting to lug my camera around with me the entire time, the only pix I took were of Dr. Megavolt
Burning Man 2002 1 night
August 2002
Black Rock Desert, NV
Colin + Maya Wedding
24 August 2002
dorkbotSF 2nd meeting
14 August 2002
Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch
San Francisco, CA
Jamie's going-away beach party. He leaves for Boston for school
Jamie's Kiss Off Party
29 June 2002
Red White and Blue Beach, Santa Cruz CA
Visting John's office at the Oakland Tribune Clocktower, we noticed this unusual death
Pigeon Suicide
Oakland - June 28 2002
Tiffany and Maya made this movie for Planned Parenthood and threw a premiere/party for it. Mark Pauline plays crucifix waving pro-lifer heh
Tiffany + Maya's Movie Premiere
Yerbe Buena Center for the Arts
June 27 2002
Crucible 2002
Crucible Party 2002
Berkeley, CA
Fort Point + BayBridge
Playing tourist - June 2002
SRL Webby After-party
June 23 2002
SRL Yard, San Francisco, CA
Webbys 2002 - June 18 2002
Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
The dorkbotSF launch - June 12 2002
Unicorn Precinct XIII, San Francisco, CA
Jeff's Birthday 2002
Surprise party - May 25 2002 - San Francisco, CA
Form & Reform: Armed Forces Day Party
May 18 2002
Dogtown Militia HQ, Oaktown, CA
Seemen videos
May 17 2002
San Francisco CA
dc's birthday
May 4 2002
birthday party with Chicken John porneoke
gweeds + k0re: london 2002
April 17 2002 - May 2 2002
All Tomorrow's Parties and other random things
Planet Launch Party
April *blur* sometime 2002
Flambe Lounge 2002
April 7 2002
Pulse Jet Demo at Pier 33
Mar 23 2002
Benefit for a guy who got his thumb re-attached by Mark's doctor
BBB: BB Guns, Beef, Beer Party
Mar 17 2002
John Roger's birthday, E. Bay
Moss Beach Birthdays (Shaun, Amee, Bodhi)
Mar 16 2002
Moss Beach
Intervista reunion - VRML browser company. It no longer exists. We still get together every so often with what's left of the 'party fund'.
Intervista Reunion 2002
Mar 14 2002
Potrero Brewing Co
San Francisco
Maribeth and I curated this lecture which turned into two events (LA and San Jose). One for Rhizome and the other for ZeroOne. Mental... A random, different thing to do besides coding. Goes to show what one gets oneself into from parties.
ZeroOne: Art of Extreme Robotics
Mar 13 2002
Sony Campus
San Jose, CA
Marin headlands
Rhizome: Art of Extreme Robotics
Feb 24 2002
Hollywood, CA
Pete and I decide to check the Bike Rodeo out on Headless Point. Good thing this is not a well-travelled road. Nice example of community service keep kids biking on the streets for a couple of hours instead of getting into trouble.
Dead Prez Day
Feb 18 2002
Paul's visa ran out so he decides to go back to England for a bit before heading on to New Zealand. Threw himself a party at Vordo's and got tons of alcohol...I should've gone back the next day for leftovers...
Paul's Exit Strategy Party
Feb 12 2002
A very San Francisco event. Famous SF people serving the regular people in a refrigerated container on blocks of ice. It was a benefit for Jim Mason's Shipyard.
Shackleton Feast
Feb 09 2002
Stelarc and Peoplehater Performance
Feb 01 2002
Amy fell off a building after the SRL show on Dec 15. She broke her pelvis in three places. This is a benefit for her thrown by her friends who thankfully are people others pay to go see. They raised a year's rent at this event.
Amy Show
Amy Miller Benefit
Jan 19 2002
Brian's Birthday Party
Jan 13 2002
Miss P's Annual 12th Night Party
Jan 5 2002
Nifty Xmas present from P
New Digital Camera Pics
Canon Powershot 300
Jan 4 2002
New Year's Eve Bordello Party
Jan 1 2002
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