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dorkbotSF #23
30 November 2005
dimension 7
150 Folsom, San Francisco, CA
Images from Declan McCullagh for news.com of Urban Atmosphere's RFID Tag Art (This is Not a Simulation) I coded for at SFMOMA. And these are Jake Appelbaum's images.
27 October 2005
San Francisco, CA
Jon + Kyrsten Bday 2005
23 October 2005
Oakland, CA
dorkbotSF #21
14 September 2005
132 Eddy
San Francisco, CA
RE/Search Book Release Party: JG Ballard Conversations
10 September 2005
Hayes Valley Market
Hayes @ Laguna, SF
poly ^H^H^H justin's bday bbq
21 August 2005
Esprit Park, San Francisco
jake edward pauline: birthday 1
21 August 2005
Brisbane Park
Brisbane, CA
dorkbotSF 20
17 August 2005
Onomy Labs
Menlo Park, CA
dorkbotSF 19
20 July 2005
San Francisco CA
Fire Arts Festival 2005
16 July 2005
The Crucible
Oakland CA
monochrom's experience the experience of growing money
14 July 2005
rxGallery, San Francisco
Emergency Fund raiser for Rudy Rucker's dog Slug
Benefit for Slug
10 July 2005
Atlas Cafe
San Francisco, CA
monochrom hold a catapult building workshop
9 July 2005
San Francisco, CA
monochrom come to SF to bury people alive
8 July 2005
San Francisco, CA
Bike Rodeo 2005
across from Green Tortoise
Jerrold, SF CA
dorkbot trip to SLAC. Greg Leyh showed us stuff people dont get to see on the regular tour. w00t!
dorkbot tour of SLAC
Palo Alto, CA
Monkeybrains 6 Yr Anniversary Party + New Office
24 June 2005
Folsom St, San Francisco, CA
Jon Sarriugarte - Kyrsten Mate Wedding
Jon + Kyrsten Wedding
4 June 2005
Fritz Cove, Fort Ross, CA
dorkbotSF 18 (3rd Year)
1 June 2005
San Francisco, CA
Amy Miller - Brian Jenkins Wedding
Brian + Amy Wedding
21 May 2005
San Francisco, CA
Squid Blog Party and How Weird St Fair 2005
21 April 2005 and 1 May 2005
San Francisco, CA
SRL Show in LA where i got to run the Sparkshooter!
Pre-show images
Post-show images
1 - 3 April 2005
Dangerous Curve
1020 East 4th Place
Los Angeles, CA
Pre-show Combat Fashion Show at the Yard
Combat at the SRL Yard
26 March 2005
SRL Yard
Shaun and Kevin's birthdays!
Shaun and Kevin Birthday Weekend
El Cerrito and San Francisco
19 March 2005
Mark Pauline, me, Eric Paulos, David Pescovitz, RU Sirius, Joe Donohoe, and SM Gray read excerpts from the book
RE/Search JG Ballard Book Party at City Lights
24 February 2005
Some February Stuff
late Feb 2005
dorkbotSF #17
9 February 2005
San Francisco
Burning Pig
5 February 2005
Shipyard, Berkeley
Stelarc at SFAI
4 February 2005
SF Art Institute, San Francisco
Mark + Amy's Party for Stelarc
3 February 2005
Mark & Amy's, Brisbane
Some January Stuff
late Jan 2005
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