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More lies! It's 2 years even later and this page needs to be updated! Currently I'm at radarnetworks a company still in 'stealth mode' but roughly doing semantic web/knowledge extraction type stuff. Throughout all this the only constant things have been srl and dorkbot!

Well the next 2 paragraphs lie as it is now i think 3 yrs later and have since been working on a NIMD project for visualizing data for the intelligence community mainly in 2003/2004 and now (2004/2005) part of a team at Intel Research looking at ways in which ubiquitous computing can support seniors dealing with cognitive decline.

This has obviously not been updated in ages but who has the time... more later but basically since then i did some 3D viz/games for the 'intelligence community' (yes of the 3 letter acronym variety) and now tracking people with alzheimers using motes - tiny wireless sensor nets... i've also broken my liver (sort of) and have to be more creative about partying lately.

Right now I'm not in work-mode, trying to see how long I can go without having to work... although will continue to code stuff I find interesting for free... latest activity on that front was writing a Java applet to see if people's faces are symmetrical... play with the Face Flipper here.

Also did some Java coding for the Sharp Zaurus a Linux PDA with a Java VM. And, randomly ended up starting dorkbotSF which those who are into weird things to do with electricity should get involved with.

This is a blurb about what I used to do that I pulled and edited from an article a zine wrote about something I did:

Karen Marcelo was a Member of Research Staff in the Distributed Systems Group of CSL at Xerox PARC. She works on a project studying ubiquitous computing and new interfaces and interoperability approaches between devices.

Before that she worked as a Software Engineer at Frogdesign, Gravity, and Intervista Software. Among the projects she's worked on are a VRML authoring tool, a web-based 3D sever-side rendering system, a multi-user VRML system exploring artificial life which received Honorable Mention in the .NET category at Ars Electronica 1998, and a parameterized 3D visualization program (Tetrahedonism) that won 3rd in the Science and Engineering category of the VRML Excellence Awards in 1997.

In her spare time she is Tele-obliteration Engineer for Survival Research Labs, a machine performance group coding Internet telerobotic systems for various tethered and mobile lethal robots, developing the first such system by civilians using free software.

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