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Short presentation for the Dont Try This At Home (pyro sessions) at Hackers Conference 2010 (HC26)
November 08 2010
Santa Cruz, CA
Gave a presentation at dorkbot-hk for their inaugural meeting in conjunction with the Techno(sexual) Bodies event
Hong Kong
April 01 2010
Cirque du SRL: A Peek into the Artistry of Survival Research Labs
Angie Heile
Ambidextrous - a project of the Stanford d.school, Summer 2006
The Art of Living Dangerously
Annalee Newitz
New Scientist, July 2006
The Delights of Dorkbot
Loren Means
YLEM Journal, 2006 Issue 2 vol 26 (pdf)
No place to hide at RFID tracking party
Declan McCullagh, photos by Jake Appelbaum
news.com, October 28 2005
SRL's robotic mayhem
Xeni Jardin on NPR
NPR, April 2005
SRL's Robotic Mayhem
Xeni Jardin
Boing Boing, April 2005
dorkbot: warehouse of wild, weird, and wonderful projects
David Pescovitz
Make - Premiere issue - Feb 2005
CityLights reading of JG Ballard QUOTES
February 24 2005
Gave a talk, presented some video at roboxotica in Vienna. David Pescovitz blogs about it on boingboing:
Interviewed by Johannes Grenzfurther (Monochrom) Saturday night of the event, video in German (requires Facebook login) November 2004
Ringmasters of Steel Turn Silver
SRLs 25th Anniversary Celebration - Part of panel moderated by RE/Search's V.Vale
ATA 2004
Guest blogged for Boing Boing May 2003:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Prosthetic Head at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
March 20, 2003
Toronto, Canada
I shouldn't link to this but hilarious nonetheless
Hollywood 18 The Art of Extreme Robotics
February 2002
Not Your Girlfriend: The next generation of women hackers are doing it for themselves
SFGate article by Annalee Newitz 11 October 2001
How Secure is Bluetooth
Wireless Business and Technology March/April 2001
Dangerous Art, VRML, Java, and High Technology
about.com article by Sandy Ressler Dec 1999
This article was about the 3D interface to the Boeing and Epileptic Bots for one of the SRL What Is Real pre-show teasers in 1998. Sandy mentions the Tokyo show as well where I wrote 3 systems to operate the Pitching Machine, Air Launcher, and Track Robot over the web. This show was the first time a user ran a machine remotely with no supervision during an actual show. The Track Robot was driven by someone at the ICC for 15 minutes during the show at Yoyogi Park. More on that show here.
Java Goes To The Extreme
JavaWorld article byJill Steinberg Aug 1998
Article about how Java is used in ways unintended by the manufacturer
Virtual Plants, Insects Twine Through Net
Wired News article by Susan Kuchinskas
Nerve Garden: A Virtual Terrarium in Cyberspace
Nerve Garden abstract by Bruce Damer for VWSim 99
International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Simulation, San Francisco January 1999
Inhabited Worlds in Cyberspace
book chapter by Bruce Damer with JC Heudin 1998
The 21st Century Family Teleport
Digital Pavilion proposal for Siggraph 98 submitted by Bruce Damer
Presentation of Tetrahedonism and Nerve Garden at the Avatars 97 Conference of the Contact Consortium
San Francisco, CA
Machine Divas: The Women of Survival Research Labs
Brillo by Virginia Eubanks
Article about the women who 'work' at SRL
More gratuitous self-promotion (or dirt?) here

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