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Survival Research Labs
What I do by default when I'm not doing anything else. Internet telerobotics coding and web/sys admin since 1995
Baseball Bat Wielding Motoman for SRL [October 30 2010]
Modified a $60,000 industrial robot to wield a baseball bat for the Explosion of Ungovernable Rage SRL show at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa
Robo-Stabber (Mumbly Peg) for SRL [May 19-20 2007]
Quick 1 day project converting a robot arm Mark Pauline got from salvage from obedient test-tube handler in a lab to blade wielding stabber for SRL's 'booth' at Maker Faire 2007.
This is Not a Simulation [Oct 27 2005]
Eric Paulos asked me to help with the coding side of a locative performance art event at SFMOMA where people were given RFID stickers and FREE drinks in a room set up with 4 antennas and a receiver. Their locations and id #s were projected as a visualization on a tesselated screen designed by architects Anthony Burke and David Ross. I did the RFID tracking and visualization using Java (Java Comm API, JAXP, Java 2D) using Alien RFID tech.

Conference Paper: 180x120: Designing Alternate Location Systems
Eric Paulos, Anthony Burke, Tom Jenkins, Karen Marcelo
ACM DUX, November 2007

Images from Declan McCullagh on news.com

Prosthetic Head [2002]
I architected the technical side of this project for the performance artist Stelarc wherein a 3D autonomously conversing head would be able to take over Stelarc's more mundane conversations freeing up his original head for more compelling ones. A few brilliant people are helping me out: Barry Fox - 3D modelling, Sam Trychin - animation and TTS, gauss - hosting. I used alicebot for the conversing parts and for building the Stelarc knowledge base.
Women in SRL Panel for Tentacle Sessions Jul 21 2002
Sparked by email debate 'why don't you have a panel of women machine artists' and having been approached by a couple people over the last 2 years wanting to do this, -i ended up (regrettably right now but it'll turn out all good i'm sure when it's over) doing this. while not exactly machine artists, the women of SRL have done what not too many people have: operated lethal devices in large scale machine performances and had a blast doing it
face flipper 2002
Bored and been talking about this for awhile and wanted to see how many asymmetrical friends i had. So wrote this Java applet where you can split your face so you can see what you would look like with 2 left sides or 2 right sides. Check it out.
May 15 2002
People doing strange things with electricity
ZeroOne: Art of Extreme Robotics
San Jose, CA
March 13 2002
curated with Maribeth
Rhizome: Art of Extreme Robotics
Hollywood, CA
February 24 2002
curated with Maribeth
Parameterized 3D Flocking/Swarming Fish
Unfinished prototype for 3D wireless game - March 2000
Requires Cosmo Player
Tele-operated Track Robot
SRL Show: Tokyo, Japan Dec 1999
Web3DRoundup (Siggraph 1999)
3D Interface to Teleoperated Lethal Machinery for SRL What Is Real show
The prank was played in San Francisco's South Park neighborhood. An immersive 3D interface was used to control the Boeing and the Epileptic bot remotely using one of the first VRML worlds. This was one of the What is Real pre-show teasers. More information on that can be found here.
Greg Leyh's Advanced Lightning Facility 3D Simulation
for Lightning on Demand
3D People Finder
For WhoWhere through Gravity Inc. Enter whom you're searching for. Program finds the zip code in an Oracle db, converts the zip to lon/lat and takes that to map into a point on the 3D sphere. For Intel's Rich Media program -encouraging hardware upgrade. The evil hack to slow things down: there is another 128 segment heavily texture mapped spinning sphere within the visible sphere. At night, the moon casts light on the earth as well for more CPU hogging fun. Fortunately modern PCs eat such processing wastage for breakfast.
Nerve Garden
Honorable Mention .net category Ars Electronica 1998
These are screenshots of what people 'grew' at Siggraph but more information on the project can be found on the Biota site. L-Systems were used to grow and mutate plants.
Information Overlords
for infoplasm
User can drag the brain around and the carpal funnel tries to catch it -everytime he goes through some Tufte's information gets spewed into his brain whether he wants it or not -example of information overload.
3rd place Winner Science and Engineering Category VRML Excellence Awards
Example of procedural modelling
Tele-Obliteration First
coding for Survival Research Labs, 1997
1997 (ICC) Tokyo, Japan: Track Robot in Tokyo was controlled via the web to punch the controls on the Epileptic Bot which then sent commands back over the web to San Francisco to fire the Air Launcher. A system with multiple levels of indirection but hardly any Latency despite the title of the show: Increasing the Latent Period in a System of Remote Destructability
1997 (ZKM) Karlsruhe, Germany: The Air Launcher located in San Francisco was controlled by users in Germany and Chicago, firing explosive rounds at elaborate targets. The event was called: Further Explorations in Lethal Experimentation
Datafusion: Data Visualization and Collaboration Concept
Work for infoplasm. This was an interesting project - i had to synchronize audio and video from the 3D world with text in the 2D UI with out a soundcard! Apparently it worked
Various animated L-system generated organic polyhedra such as:

You need a VRML browser to see this

and more miscellanous animated L-system VRML

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