Beta 2.0
External Authoring Interface Handling

If you have multiple VRML 2.0 browsers on your system, you might notice VRML files using the EAI may not work properly anymore. This is because install programs update the classpath with the locations of their versions of the Java classes. Here's something to try if you are having problems:


  1. Make sure your classpath is set so that the VRML browser you want to use has its Java classes listed first
  2. If your classpath is set up right but EAI still isn't working, check your Netscape subdirectory (usually on a Win95 system it will be in c:\program files\netscape\navigator\program\java\classes) to make sure copies of other browsers' Java VRML classes aren't there. If it is, rename the subdirectoryto something other than VRML (eg. ..\java\classes\vrml\external to ..\java\classes\xvrml\external). That way if you want to switch back to the other browser you can just rename the subdirectory back againinstead of editing your classpath and rebooting your machine.

Cosmo will run .wrls that were compiled using Intervista's classes but not the other way around. When compiling for either one, make sure your classpath is set to the Java classes you really want to use.