Karen Marcelo: Images: Mike+Riko Wedding 1999

Mike Fogarty and Riko Knight Wedding

August 28,1999

Group Shot Groom Chip, Mike, and Jon
Amy and Pete Mike and Riko Brian and Amy
Brian and Amy not looking Chip and Terry Diana and Amy
Riko and her mom Come and get it Bride and Groom
Cutting the cake Chris and Pete Greg, Mike, and Riko
Terry and Phil Violet, Alan, Amy, Chip More Group Shots
More Group Shot Uptown Regulars: Jim and Pete Jon and Sarah
Karen and Pete Liisa, Ellen, Sarah Mike
Mike and Riko More Mike and Riko Riko
Jon and Sarah Brian and Amy Deb, Boe, Mike, Beth
Eric and Jeanine 1 Eric and Jeanine 2 Kiss
Riko and Beth Todd, Liisa, Violet Mike and Riko