Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July Festivities at SRL 

The shop is in full swing gearing up for August's ISEA show in San Jose

Aside from the assortment of the usual explosion experiments at the SRL compound on a holiday such as this, it was also a chance to bring out two machines for practice/testing.

The Inchworm with Mark Pauline giving lessons to operators Karen Marcelo and Liisa Pine and son Jake Eddie's first time control of a SRL machine (which he calls BigBug)!

And the V-1 that Mark and Doug Sutton tested which is a replica of a WWII buzz bomb engine which was also the first guided missile.

More images and videos from Karen Marcelo, Violet Blue, Scott Beale, and Jake Appelbaum

Videos from Karen Marcelo:
Mark Pauline operating the V1
Mark Pauline shows son Jake what the Inchworm can do
Kevin Binkert, Doug Sutton, Mark Pauline test the V1
Inchworm crunches a pallet

Stay tuned to this site as more videos and pictures from that day will be posted shortly!


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