Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SRL Patrons Wanted 

We need $2M please!

SRL is at a crossroads. The Shop, SRL HQ for 25 some odd years, must move, change and/or cease to exist.

SRL has created mayhem for the world to enjoy and now SRL needs real help.

Mark and Amy have been on a real-estate hunt for the past couple of years up and down the Bay Area and beyond.. looking arduously for the right home for both The Shop and their family. There have been multiple starts and stops and they are talking to city and county officials and planners everywhere they go.

The Critchett/Pauline's will sell their home that they love in order to make this work. But the needs are unique and this quest is proving problematic.

We have found the perfect ranch which is 20 acres, 13,000 sq foot of shop workspace a house and room for the crew to come and stay.

It is $2,250,000

If you have enjoyed the impact SRL has made on the world and if you
have some M to spare. It would be much, much appreciated. The world
will appreciate you for helping keep SRL viable.

Please contact amy [at] srl [dot] org

Thank you!

Check here for a peek at the activities leading up to the next SRL show in Amsterdam September 22, 2007 at Robodock


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