Friday, July 6, 2007

[Robodock] Robodock Prep

SRL crew are going full-bore on preperations for the upcoming Robodock 2007 in Amsterdam Sept 19-22. We will be putting on a show on the last day of the festival.

Fourth of July has always been a major holiday at the shop. This is us taking a break:

A bird swerves to avoid being another 4th of July statistic:

Kyle's slingshot launcher is right on target.

This bagel proved to be indestructible. Perhaps all the poppy seeds held it in place? Bagel - 3 vs Fireworks - 0

We also took some pictures and made a short video clip for SRL crew member Amacker Bullwinkle who is making an amazing recovery from a bad motorcycle accident. SRL wishes Amacker the best and a speedy recuperation!

And of course, the obligatory familiar ending to any SRL activity:

Despite that, much progress has already been made. A renewed sense of productivity, positivity, and fun is prevailing these days... Machines are in pieces having parts replaced, repaired, and prepped for the trip to Europe.

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