Tuesday, November 29, 2005


SRL's own Eddie Codel's new project!

Geek Entertainment TV is an emerging global media empire, reporting from deep inside the bubble as it re-inflates. GETV covers buzzword compliant topics such as web 2.0, tagging, AJAX, social software and the bubble juice known as VCs. We like robots, so you'll hear about that too.

Check it out: http://www.geekentertainment.tv

[Nov 30] dorkbotSF #23

it's dork o'clock tomorrow, all! come by!

30 November 2005
wednesday 7:30pm

dimension 7 - http://dimension7.com
150 folsom @ main, SF, CA

tom zimmerman - using electronic gadgets to teach kids science and

graham plumb - light fantastic

OPEN DORK lineup (5-10 min. mini-presentations):
paul spinrad - author of the vj book | http://thevjbook.com
kimo crossman - providing public input into the city's (SF)
TechConnect WIFI process | http://webnetic.net
jonathan moore - SVG plugin hacking in the new firefox
team1031 - high school robotics | http://www.team1031.org
michael shiloh - linux sys admin class announcement

the order of speakers aren't necessarily the order here or on the site
so come on time to catch them all!

there'll be a cash bar but bring snacks to share if you like,
stick around afterwards to show off your own projects/mingle/etc.

geek, drink, and be merry!


Monday, November 28, 2005

bob taylor outsmarts the nigerians!

You've all heard of the Nigerian money order scam where they send a cashiers check for an amount much larger than the item and ask you to wire the difference back to Nigeria. Leave it to Bob Taylor to pester one of these guys so thoroughly that they would actually send a check. Not too bad. Definitely suitable for framing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

[Nov 16] Aesthetics of Ecology

SRL crew member John Rogers is part of a group show called the Aesthetics of Ecology at CCA(C) Oakland. 5212 Broadway 6-8pm. Wed. 11/16/05

[Oct 29] Sebastian James Law

Welcome the newest addition to the growing pool of SRL offspring! Sebastian James Law born Oct 29 2005 at 9:04am. CONGRATS again John & Christina!