Friday, July 27, 2007

[Robodock] Container Loading

Last night the V1 barrel, Inchworm in pieces, and Shockwave Cannon were being loaded into the 40ft container to Amsterdam - all 40,000lbs of 'obnoxious cargo'!

It's going to be a tight fit and this blog post is for the benefit of the crew so they can reverse the process on the other side!

Container Loading from k0re and Vimeo.

For all images below, click on them to get a higher rez version:

First thing is that the barrel should be at an angle to the forks

Use a clamp and 2 forklifts to secure the barrel to the forks:

Come into the container at an angle so that inside the container, the forklift can sort of turn and position the barrel on the far right and suspend it:

It goes behind the Inchworm t-bone. This is with both parts of the barrel in place:

In order to lift the forks high enough (so our other crap can fit) some front plate part of the forklift had to be removed so it can go higher. It's entirely possible the forklift in Amsterdam will be different so people will most likely

And so begins the loading of 40,000lbs of "obnoxious cargo":

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