Wednesday, August 1, 2007

[Robodock] How to get the Little Arm into a Container

Step 1 - Position the Little Arm like this (well for this load, that is the position):

Step 2 - DON'T DO THIS!

Step 3 - Support the 'head' with a strap, leading it in like a pony:

Step 4 -

Step 5 - You need a long person like Kent to pull things into place:

Little Arm load - Step 5 from k0re and Vimeo.

Step 6 - Once inside, put a dolly under the front leg to make it easier to push in

You may also have to 'ride' on the back leg so it doesnt pitch too far to one side

Little Arm Container Load - STep 6 from k0re and Vimeo.

Step 7 - Manually re-position the arm/head to make it fit better

Little Arm Container Load - Step 7 from k0re and Vimeo.

The nylon feet make it easy for big crew members to skooch it in even more:

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