Thursday, August 2, 2007

[Robodock] Bon Voyage SRL Machines!

That's it! The container left yesterday August 1 to be shipped out of Oakland and around the Cape and on to NDSM Wharf. Many thanks to all the crew's late nights and hard work stuffing it all in.

According to Todd "The sideloader weighed the the container in at a gross weight of
54,300 lbs. give or take 800 lbs. So that means we loaded 45,480 lbs. of stuff"

Photo from Todd Blair

Despite the shop half empty, it's amazing how it's still not what you would call 'bare'.

The container is tightly packed with every square inch filled with something! Here Jon Sarriugarte finds some room for a pulse jet:

Before I left for the night the load crew were still having to cram in the Hovercraft, Screw Machine, Inchworm Head, Air Launcher and various tool boxes, generators, welders, and misc. boxes. Here Brian and Todd get the Hovercraft ready to go in next:

If only Brian had power of levitation!

Joanne gets a forklift lesson

The machines we're taking along are (and for some of them this is not their first trip to Europe!): Running Machine, Inchworm, V1, Shockwave Cannon, Little Arm, Screw Machine, original Air Launcher, Hovercraft, Dual Mules, several large Pulse Jets, Bombloader and Satan furnace. We'll be building the usual elaborate props there and the requisite ammo too.

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