Saturday, August 11, 2007

[Robodock] Machines that are en route to Robodock!

Stationary Machines

Little Arm

The small arm (12 ft. long) *usually* on the Screw Machine. It can be controlled remotely by a human via the arm controller (gesture based interface).

Shockwave Cannon

This giant stationary device forms vortex rings of air and projects the rings at high speeds. It's barrel is approximately 20 ft.

Original Air Launcher

A high pressure launcher that uses bursts of air to project weighted soda pop cans with a range of 100 meters

New Mr. Satan

Based on the original Mr. Satan robot from the 1980s, the head of the original was 3D-scanned and milled out of a 300 lb
block of solid stainless steel. There is a furnace attached to it from behind where flames can be blown out threw the
heads 'eyes' and 'mouth'. It will be attached to the Bombloader.

Large Pulse Jets

5 150 pound thrust pulse jet engines

Williams Jet

The engine is part of an Auxillary Power Unit (APU) NAVAIR 03-105BD-1, manufactured by Williams Research (now Williams International ) to start aircraft. The starter is hydraulic, and would require a large "mule" (electric motor and hydraulic pump) to start the engine. A Mitsubishi car starter was attached to the engine so the hydraulic starter could be removed. Used at SRL shows for sound and flame effects.

Flame Saucer

This devise disperses fire horizontally in all directions creating a 40'
disk of flame. It utilizes a plenum chamber to store the propane and a large
valve that releases the gas to a shape nozzle that makes the disk shape.

Mobile Machines


A replica of a WWII German-designed buzz bomb jet engine, modified to produce low frequency acoustic output (45 hertz) rather than thrust.


The loudest robot in the world at 150 decibels. Louder than a cruise missile until it blows up. A 27hp motor provides lift while
2 pulse jets are used for steering.

Running Machine

An elegantly designed six-legged, remote-controlled machine that walks at approx. 5-6 mph with a manipulator arm with various attachments such as claws, stabbing knives, etc.


Large, remote-controlled wheeled machine moves with either a crabbing or inching motion, and has a large vertical jaw mounted on the front that can grab and carry props.

Screw Machine

The Screw Machine is a radio-controlled machine driven via a complex chained gear system. Its wheels are smaller metal wheels threaded around cylinders similar to the threads in a screw, hence the name.

Dual Mules

2 Master Mover tugs normally used for moving industrial materials, connected by a steel beam. It is radio controlled and has an unusual, slow-moving gait where one tug follows the other.


A military bomb loader typically used for loading ammunition onto aircraft, the SRL version is radio-controlled and various attachments are added in place of military weapons or ammunition, such as the Boeing, Hand-O-God, and for this show, Mr. Satan.

No image available
Prop (to be built onsite)

Another in a series of mechanized props. This device consists of two 4ft "wheels" attached to a gear box. it is driven
+by a wheelchair motor, and is "steered" by the objects it runs into.

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