Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[Robodock] Crew at Work (Week 2)

The container arrived 5 days late due to a hurricane but was finally unloaded yesterday. The crew are now at work re-assembling machines and building props.

Images from Nina Alter:

Not quite OSHA compliant but this is Amsterdam!

Liisa preparing to weld

Michael, Greg, and Ulrika in the electronics zone

Some DIY makeshift tech at the SRL area:

Ye Olde Style Wiki

DIY crew punch in/out board:

Mark made a makeshift coffee maker out of welded together metal and an upwards propane torch to heat up not so good coffee: (to crew yet to come: bring some Peets!)

The crew residence - a 100 year old boat that sleeps about 16:

Image from Ulrika Andersson

The ship is near an old Russian sub:

Image from Kevin Mathieu

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