Monday, May 21, 2007

[Maker Faire] Machines are coming home!

The Bombloader/Mr. Satan, Dual Mule, Running Machine and Hovercraft were held by the San Mateo Event Center for some damage done to the parking lot after last Sunday's little machine exhibition.

Ralf and Wendi lift the Bombloader (tipping forward precariously) off Mark's truck

Nina forklifts random crap to the far end of the yard to make room for the Running Machine.

Mark bailed the machines (including the new Mr. Satan) from detention by promptly paying the beastly $6660 parking lot bill. There is a Machine Rescue Fund should anyone care to support SRL in putting on more free shows in the future.

More on SRL @ Maker Faire 2007 here

Friday, May 18, 2007

[Maker Faire] San Mateo + Maker Day

Yesterday, a small SRL crew loaded some machines up and brought them down to the San Mateo Center. Images from Violet Blue:

Dual Mule and Running Machine

Satan Head, Bombloader, and Hovercraft are next!

Yesterday morning, Maker Day kicked off the Faire with David Pescovitz interviewing Mark Pauline and John Law. Images taken by Karen Marcelo:

Kimric and Douglas Repetto (dorkbot):

The Craulines:

[Maker Faire] Mumbly Peg

Karen Marcelo spent the night re-coding Robochop to take the new knife component into account. It is pretty precise should anyone want to play Five Finger Fillet with it!

It claimed it's first victim however:

All the sympathetic screaming brought Mark Pauline over who showed a lot of concern:

[Maker Faire] Team Unicorn

Liisa Pine, Amy Jenkins, and Wendi Flybutter have been chasing down this mythical machine for years. Legend has it that you must be a virgin to catch it. Well, something happened and maybe their sexodometers cycled around to 000000 since they have finally pinned it down! See it in action at the Maker Faire this weekend! More details on Team Unicorn's progress on the Unicorn Machine is being documented by Amy here.

[Maker Faire] Mr. Satan Comes Alive

After most of us had gone home from a long day, Nina Alter got some nice shots of Mark and Greg Jones getting the NEW and IMPROVED Mr. Satan attached to the furnace and blowing fire out his eyes and mouth finally!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

[Maker Faire] Ralf's Jacob's Ladder

Ralf Burgert in between Make Faire prep made this cool little jacob's ladder using a car battery:

Monday, May 14, 2007

[Maker Faire] SRL Maker Faire Prep

The shop is busy again for the upcoming mini-exhibition at the 2nd Makers Faire to be held at the San Mateo Fairgrounds June 19-20 2007.

The latest addition to the SRL family of machines is the new and improved Mr. Satan which will make it's debut appearance next weekend!

Mr. Satan was 3D scanned from the rubber mask from the original 1980s incarnation and milled on Mark's CNC machine. It will be mounted on the Bombloader and attached to a furnace to make the face glow red-hot!

This is behind the Mr. Satan face after Mark had plasma cut the heavy solid steel block from behind it. You can see the layers built up from the 3D model of the head. 21st century sculpting.

Some images:

Mark Pauline hollows out the back of this exremeley heavy 300lb stainless steel block in order to put a furnace behind the Mr. Satan head.

Also new will be this little industrial robot arm that Mark picked up at HMR. Karen Marcelo and Marc Powell are coding it to throw stuff around the SRL booth at the faire and (otherwise make a mess). It can move surprisingly fast. SRL booth babes will have to watch they dont get knocked on the head with it.

Liisa Pine, Amy Jenkins, and Wendi Flybutter are also working on a brand new prop machine called the Unicorn Machine. It is mobile and its behavior will be a surprise!

Other machines we are taking down are the Running Machine, Bombloader, Hovercraft, and the Dual Mule. An interactive touch screen version of last year's Ghostly Scenes of Infernal Desecration will also be on hand, edited by Ian Williamson.