Tuesday, July 31, 2007

[Robodock] Container Loading continues...

Pulse jets are staged and ready to go:

The Running Machine is next in line though:

This is the container layout plan. How does one cram 40,000lbs of machines into a teeny 40 ft container?:

Dinner was served in the container last night with the Bombloader used as a table and the Satan Head as a centerpiece:

Then the crew gathered around Mark while he made lattes for everyone from the special SRL coffee machine that only HE is allowed to touch:

Uncovered from amongst the junk is this old Panimal (wall panelling made from dead animals) used for 1988's Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief. Almost 20 years ago, an organization delivered a truckload of euthanized animals for SRL to vacu-form into wall panelling and they took them all back at the end of the day:

This is either a mini-pin or a chihuahua carrying a bunny

Sunday, July 29, 2007

[Robodock] Hovercraft, Air Launcher Testing

The Hovercraft got a new motor for increased lift. Testing took place over the weekend:

Hovercraft testing from k0re

Dave Gessel, Mark Pauline, Greg Jones set the Hovercraft up for testing:

Note recording studio door closing in the background:

Packmaster Michael Shiloh:

New motor for the hovercraft: 27hp from previous 14hp

The Bombloader/Satan Head gets driven into the container. As Brian Normanly said, "I love a machine that drives itself into the container" :

Last two images from Nina Alter

The original air launcher was also pulled out and tested:

Friday, July 27, 2007

[Robodock] Container Loading

Last night the V1 barrel, Inchworm in pieces, and Shockwave Cannon were being loaded into the 40ft container to Amsterdam - all 40,000lbs of 'obnoxious cargo'!

It's going to be a tight fit and this blog post is for the benefit of the crew so they can reverse the process on the other side!

Container Loading from k0re and Vimeo.

For all images below, click on them to get a higher rez version:

First thing is that the barrel should be at an angle to the forks

Use a clamp and 2 forklifts to secure the barrel to the forks:

Come into the container at an angle so that inside the container, the forklift can sort of turn and position the barrel on the far right and suspend it:

It goes behind the Inchworm t-bone. This is with both parts of the barrel in place:

In order to lift the forks high enough (so our other crap can fit) some front plate part of the forklift had to be removed so it can go higher. It's entirely possible the forklift in Amsterdam will be different so people will most likely

And so begins the loading of 40,000lbs of "obnoxious cargo":

Saturday, July 21, 2007

[Robodock] Robodock Load-Out Prep

The container has arrived!

Todd and Liam prep the container:

Mark moves the wheelocopter out of the way:

Stack of Sneaky Soldiers from some LA shows:

Jon and Rich disassemble the Shockwave Cannon:

Packed straps in front of the Screw Machine:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[Robodock] Mr. Satan Gets Hot

Jon Sarriugarte made some 'improvements' to Mr. Satan. New valves and regulator to make a different effect and padding the insides of the furnace so only the face glows red hot:

Photo from Mark Pauline. Click on the image to get a larger view

Video of Mr. Satan testing from Kevin Mathieu:

Kimric Smythe and Shannon O'Hare are building something out of old bicycle parts. Here they explain the contraption:

The SRL carnet binder with Liisa's creative renditions of Liisa "Super Carnet Asada" Pine and Karen "Junior Carnet Burrito" Marcelo:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

[Robodock] Progress and Pranks

Both are typical activities at the yard:

No more leaving the gate open!

What happened?

Bob does the Chinese caution tape dance commemorating something:

This special shop potion seems ineffective:

Friday, July 6, 2007

[Robodock] Robodock Prep

SRL crew are going full-bore on preperations for the upcoming Robodock 2007 in Amsterdam Sept 19-22. We will be putting on a show on the last day of the festival.

Fourth of July has always been a major holiday at the shop. This is us taking a break:

A bird swerves to avoid being another 4th of July statistic:

Kyle's slingshot launcher is right on target.

This bagel proved to be indestructible. Perhaps all the poppy seeds held it in place? Bagel - 3 vs Fireworks - 0

We also took some pictures and made a short video clip for SRL crew member Amacker Bullwinkle who is making an amazing recovery from a bad motorcycle accident. SRL wishes Amacker the best and a speedy recuperation!

And of course, the obligatory familiar ending to any SRL activity:

Despite that, much progress has already been made. A renewed sense of productivity, positivity, and fun is prevailing these days... Machines are in pieces having parts replaced, repaired, and prepped for the trip to Europe.