Thursday, July 03, 2003

Website Changes

New images from last year's (July 2002) LA show: Mark's video grabs and additional images from Shawn Murakami

New LA show video edited by Mark Pauline

After 15 years, there are additional images for the Misfortunes of Desire show (NY 1988)


Call for new blood - wanted Volunteers

SRL on the lookout for new Blood. We have several events on the horizon (03 and 04) and several major machine projects in production. (One of the upcoming events is a major production in Las Vegas!) and we are looking for New SRL members to assist.
Relocation after the economic bust in the bay area, new family responsibilities, a need to be a little less extreme, etc. have all taken their toll on the amount of time available from SRLs long term members. With major machine projects in production and major Shows coming up, SRL needs new recruits to make things happen in the timely and excessive fashion that our fans have come to expect.

You can help build and operate the worlds most intense machines and special effects in the Most dangerous shows on earth. If you are interested in learning about and participating in no holds barred extreme robotics with a biting satirical bent, join Survival Research Laboratories, the worlds first, and only, extreme machine performance organization!

NOTE: No one has a paid position at SRL, not even the director. You will however enjoy numerous perks at a this Extreme Machine manifestation of a Rotary Club. Also, youll get tons of tasty snacks!

Please send contact information and resume to m a r k p (at) s r l (dot) o r g


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