Sunday, September 30, 2007

Todd Blair is Waking Up 

From Mark Pauline:

"Good news. Todd is with Alex and Amy and is responding to Alex's
voice with hand pressure. Eyes open a bit. Resting again now. See the
blog for details!

Photo of Todd from John Behrens

Thanks everyone for the prayers, healing and loving thoughts! Keep them going toward Mr. Todd! But Alex and Todd still need our help, please check here for what you can do.

A PayPal account for Todd and Alex has been set up by their good friend Susie Maunu. Please click on the link below if you would like to donate something. Thanks!

Also, images and video clips from the show are trickling in. Keep checking the A Complete Mastery of Sinister Forces page for post-show info.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Todd Blair Injured in Amsterdam 

In a freak accident veteran crew member Todd Blair was knocked to the ground sustaining critical head injuries after the show on Saturday. The doctors in Amsterdam are keeping him in an induced coma and won't have a complete prognosis for awhile. In deference to Todd, Alex (Todd's girlfriend) and the families we had been keeping the information about this tragic occurence within the family. Amy Critchett and Eric Paulos were with Todd during his surgery and now Alex has arrived and he seems to be responding well to her presence.

Many people have been concerned and asking for details so while it is too early to determine what the outcome is, the news as of this morning is that his condition has stabilized and we will know more shortly.

Keep the love, prayers, and healing thoughts for Todd coming, it definately makes a difference!

Image from John Mathieu

In the meantime, for those who want to show their support checks can be made out to
Alexandra Ismerio
and sent to
Susan Maunu
3828 Alzada Road
Altadena, CA 91001

Progress of Todd's recovery can be tracked here. It will be regularly updated by Alex and Susie from his bedside.

The container is finally loaded, there are still other things to do to wrapup a production of this magnitude but Mark found a moment to update us on Todd. Posted originally to Todd's blog:


My silence has been a product of all of the indescribable minutia, the necessary mountains to move and complete and absolute disbelief that something of this magnitude could and did happen to Todd.

Saw Todd this afternoon, and I can say to all who were there in the first days, he has made a lot of progress. Small but important parts of him are coming back, breathing on his own, bruises and swelling going down. The nurse remarked that when she shined a light into his eyes, the pupils contracted. He is really starting to look like Todd again. Enjoyed talking to him for a bit, and making a couple of wisecracks. Regardless of ones opinion of the medical establishment, its amazing to see first hand what can be done by way of mechanical repair to broken bodies at a first rate facility like the AMC.

Somehow, in the midst of all this, we were able to continue packing all that crap but it sure didn’t feel very good on the ground at NDSM this week. I am awed by Alex and her ability to manage as she does through this time. I am grateful to my wife, Amy who is supporting Alex the best she can. Without their tireless and reassuring efforts, I don’t know how the SRL crew would have made it through the past week.

Ill be thinking about what SRL will do as a group to help this next week in Amsterdam. SRL crew, please send your suggestions.


SRL show images and video are also forthcoming, to stay on top of that keep checking the Official SRL @ Robodock Page


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